Friday, February 27, 2009

They love being together!
Did you know that Snow White wore cowboy boots? Me neither!
This is Isaiah's favorite thing to do...the pommelhorse. He loves swinging on it. At home he does this on our counter tops.

Good Times!

Isaiah is doing the parallel bars here. He enjoys these and finds many different things to do on them.
AIRBORNE! Sequoyah got a running start and hit the trampoline full speed. The instructors didn't expect anyone to get much air because most of the class cannot hit the trampoline with two feet at the same time. Sequoyah managed to get about 3-4 feet in the air and then she landed on her knees and hands. She loved it!
Parallel bars for Sequoyah! Way to go Koya!
Ready for church!
We are unloading a round hay bale for our horse. We had to roll it over the fence because it was too wide for the gate. These things weigh about 600 lbs. We did not think ahead about how we were going to stop it. Once we got it over the fence it just kept on rolling until it hit the other side of the fence. It broke a support and some of the fence but that was easily fixed. The man with the crowbar is Eddie Cleveland. He is a great guy and helps us out a lot with many projects.


Ok....story time once again. So our furnace has been out for 3 1/2 weeks. We called a repair person who came out and looked at it and did some troubleshooting. He said we needed a new furnace. We figured as much since it has broken half a dozen times in the last year. So we had him order one. After a bunch of confusion and what not, the man and a helper came and installed the new furnace. They were pretty quick...only two days. When I got home from work last night it felt great in the house. I didn't even need to keep my coat on. When I felt the vent for the heat coming out, there wasn't any. I thought that it was weird because the house was warm. I did some more checking and I discovered what was going on. So.....for all of you out there like me who don't know a lot about this kind of stuff, there are two types of vents that SHOULD be in each room; vent (blows into the room) and intake (that returns the air to the furnace from the room). Well....the warm/hot air was coming in through the intake vents. YUP....our furnace is running backwards! It sucks air in where it should be blowing it out and blows it out where it should suck it in. Usually I would not care, as long as the house stays warm....which it does. However, two of our rooms do not have intake spots, only vents. So in the current situation, two rooms....the only bathroom and the playroom/Isaiah's bedroom are still without heat. The guy is coming back Monday to fix it. So until then we will supplement with space heaters.....AGAIN! Maybe this next time, the air will come out of our phone.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Fun

This was our first snowman of the season and likely the last. He sort of looks like Shrek. Lemon for a nose, celery for the ears, and tomatoes for the mouth. He was highly edible as we found out from our dog.
This is what you do when you can't reach something. They are partners in crime!

Ready Daddy

This was Adonyah's first time riding the horse by herself. Notice her riding goggles?!

Almost time!

Ok...ok. So it has been 20+ days since we have been on here. Life has gone on without us, or with us....whatever way you look at it. We are on the last couple of weeks before the baby comes. Everthing is set up and ready for her...we think.
I am going crazy with all of the school work and papers. I was 85% of the way done with one this past week and I hit the save button, like I had been doing through the entire paper, and I got a fatal error. Basically what happened is....I LOST THE ENTIRE PAPER AND FILE where I had saved it. It shut down so I couldn't even print it before it closed. That was on Thursday morning and the paper was due Friday morning. I e-mailed my teacher to let her know. I worked all day Thursday and Friday morning and I finished it. Right before class, I was talking with another student, telling her my ordeal, and she said that the teacher just e-mailed everyone Thursday night that it wasn't due for another week. There was some blood shed over this! I turned the paper in that day so the "experience" would be over. That is my week in a nutshell......loaded with gunpowder! Tennille and the kids have been troopers putting up with me and my not so pretty moments over this past week!