Friday, September 26, 2008

This was during our trip out West. This is Eric's mom and dad with our kids. We are at Kennecott mining. This is a tire that fits on the dumptrucks they use. Try fittin' those on your standard SUV!


We are getting some more rain from the storms moving up the East Coast. The wind was steady last night around 30-40 mph. We were surprised when we woke up that the power was still on and that no trees had fallen. Shoot....we even had all of the ducks accounted for. Sequoyah did manage to creep into our bed when the thunder was rolling. That's ok...she helped keep us warm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little swimmers

Yes, all three of our kids have become attached to COWBOY BOOTS!! Adonyah just picks a pair and puts them on ... no matter what she is doing, including swimming!

What a great DAD!!! We have been enjoying our summer days 80ish, and cool evenings with the windows open! I do have to say, Eric filled most of the pool up with HOT water from the washer before he joined the girls. FUN FALL DAYS

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time for GYMNASTICS...I think we found something that Sequoyah LOVES!!! The only problem is that Adonyah is her shadow. When we go to gymnastics Adonyah will cry because she wants to go with Koya. We will then to upstairs to observe and she yells Koya! Koya! Koya! until she waves to us. I am amazed at how close these girls are.
It is way too dark to see how DIRTY Isaiah is after his first mud hole soccer game! Wow, I have learned a hard lesson about white clothes for soccer days, but it was well worth it! He sure is good at every sport he plays, and really enjoys it! Tonight he had practice and one boy was sad that he was not a good player...and Isaiah was giving him a pep talk that it was only practice ... some times we make goals, and some times we miss. I know where he has heard that from, and I am glad that he listened ... or at least applied it to someone else.
Adonyah is on DUCK duty. We have had a great time with hatching out our baby ducklings...but this one is having a harder time. We have been giving him swimming pool therapy, extra food, and too much love! We hope he will get better soon.

This is about the best thing that we can grow in our enormous sunflower!!! Sister Knicley (that is really her name, and she does a great job at living up to it) our neighbor, gave this to Koya to plant and care for, what a reward! She was very proud all summer.
This is Isaiah's pet of the week. He loves to catch lizards and put them in his 'bug habitat' he got for his birthday. This week he caught 3 brown lizards, as he calls them...a family. We watched them for about a week, and then let them go. We have a great time with toads, lightning bugs, lizards, ducks, just depends on the season!
Our sweet SEQUOYAH is off to her first day of preschool! She was so excited and we have been very pleased with how involved the teachers are in their small groups, and parent participation! Wow, time is really going quickly.
Is it nap time yet? This girl is a daddy's girl if there ever was one! She loves to ride the tractor...running or not, she is on it. What a helper!

Time to PARTY!

Happy Birthday ISAIAH....6 years old!!!