Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Ducklings

Sequoyah is great at letting everyone having a chance to hold the ducks. I was busy and just put the duck on my lap as I was working on something and she was not satisfied! The ducklings were cold, and she wanted ME to warm them up. Yes, I have two inside my shirt.


The kids...including Eric, LOVE to decorate for HALLOWEEN!!! We have carved pumpkins twice this year, and have one more round to go...we hope our pumpkins will hold out! It was FUN growing your own pumpkins, and reaping the reward.
This baby duck just hatched about an hour ago while we were at church...he is till wet.

This is Isaiah's favorite way to hold the ducks. Most of the time they will fall right to sleep!

Sequoyah is 4 years old!!!!

I love the way kids react to trick candles....they never loose the excitement of the light returning.
Can I open them yet?
Sequoyah LOVES this book...she would go to the library and know right where to find it every week! This is why we have a dog named DRAGON. Thanks grandma Tracey!!!
After Koya opened the princess she yells...hey this is just like me!!! She sure is our little princess!
I LOVE BOOKS, even if it is all about FANCY NANCEY...I love to read!!

Birthday Girl

Let me help you with this one!! We love to get packages.