Friday, October 17, 2008

The BEE Dance

Bring It On!

Well we are almost officially ready for the Fall. The rain gutters are cleaned out (much easier with a leaf blower) only took two minutes instead of 30+. The chimney is swept....the chimney might need some attention in the Spring. Some of the bricks were crumbling. On top of that, a bee tried to attack me while I was up there, trying to watch 3 kids and hold a 25 foot chimney sweep broom. Too bad Tennille didn't have the camera handy.
Tennille is working hard getting everything ready for her enrichment "Super Saturday" that is coming up in November. Talk about a lot of work. I don't know how she does it.
Isaiah continues to love Kindergarten. He is doing great with his reading and other "homework" type of activities. Soccer is his favorite sport right now. He loves being on the defense. He runs straight at the oncoming kids and goes for the ball without any thought of the aftermath. He has been kicked a few times but he still goes in without hesitation.
Sequoyah is still trying to figure out if she likes preschool. She has started her reading lessons with us and is on lesson 32/100. At the end of the lessons she will get a surprise. She is doing gymnastics every week and has finally found her "element." We catch her swinging upside down on the swing set outside...dangling by her legs.
Adonyah is our early to rise and late to bed child. She gets to wake me up in the morning between 6 and 7, then we dine in for breakfast. The other members of the family eventually wake up and join us before the sun comes up. She stays up late with me while I do some "exercising." She keeps me on track...and she even sits on me while I am doing sit-ups and push-ups. Try doing those while laughing and it adds on a whole new meaning to the word WORK.
I am pluggin' along in school with mid-terms approaching this week. Two papers and some other minute details to knock out.
We are going to the doctor in another week for an ultrasound. That is when we "should" find out what the baby will be. The kids are all excited. Isaiah has a name if it is a girl. I can't even remember the name. Whatever it is it is going to be dressed up, painted and loved more than anything else in this house. (The girls now do their own nail polish and make-up. They manage to keep MOST of it out of their hair). They go through at least a bottle each time they embark on that adventure.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

under the stars

It has been such beautiful weather that we put our tent out in the front yard to have a family sleep over in! It was so much fun, but a little tiring for the next day.
One of our favorite treats to make...pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips!
Another one of our favorites....just a little softer on the caramel next time!