Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beach Creatures

The crab inside this shell was smaller than a dime. It's the thing right in the middle of the shell.
Hi everyone. I am just enjoying everything I see.
Incoming...good thing we had umbrellas.

Boogie Boardin'

I promise Adonyah was not under the water for very long on this attempt of hers to boogie board. She did great the rest of the time. (This was Dad's fault).
There she is....and above the surface of the water this time!
Sequoyah riding her wave. She managed to stay on the majority of the time. After she spilled, she was done for a while.

St. George Island

Can I go in too? Nakiyah was content being in her own tub...for about 20 minutes and then she wanted to join the rest of us. We had to fill the tub 1/2 way with sand to keep her from floating away with the waves. (This did happen once or twice).
Isaiah is testing his boogie board skills. He can't wait to get a scurf board and see what tricks he can do. Oh the joys of youth. I would probably break a minimum of 5 bones if I tried it.
Look what Nakiyah found. She loved playing with the seashells. We would put them in the tub and she would throw them back out.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wakulla Springs

Notice the gator just below the bushes. Also notice the people swimming less than 50 yards away.
Pretty bird. You can tell I did not pay attention to the guide when he was saying what each animal was.
River chicken...that is it's given name. As for the real name, once again I am not the one to ask. Notice all of the babies around it.

Stalking out its next meal.


Boat Tour

Independence Day!

Isaiah performing a fire dance for us with sparklers.
Proud to be celebrating our Independence.
Nakiyah wasn't too sure of all the things sparkling around her or in the air.

Beach Days

The pelicans were having a feast. They liked diving in the water. The kids loved watching it!
Preparing the mote for the sandcastle.
Houston.....we have liftoff.....well, 2 out of 3.

Beach Girl

Nakiyah just helped build a sandcastle. The waves tried to sweep her away but she was too stubborn.