Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wakulla Springs

Notice the gator just below the bushes. Also notice the people swimming less than 50 yards away.
Pretty bird. You can tell I did not pay attention to the guide when he was saying what each animal was.
River chicken...that is it's given name. As for the real name, once again I am not the one to ask. Notice all of the babies around it.

Stalking out its next meal.


Cheryl said...

Look at you blogging lady! Keep them coming...easy for me to say. Oh, we miss you guys and just got back from UT today. Kylee tried spotting your EMPTY house from the air. Looks like you are already having tons of fun adventures and that the kiddos have already fallen in love with the beach. Happy to know you are there safe and sound. Touch base soon.

Melinda said...

The question is...did anything make it home with you?!?! :)