Friday, January 2, 2009

Gift giving

Eric and the kids made me a BAT HOUSE this year for cool is that!!! Between our ducks and the bats, we are doing our share of bug control! We are still looking for the perfect place to set it up...I will let you know how that goes.
Isaiah drew his dad's name for Christmas and this is what he found....for them! It was a great pick on Isaiah's part, they love this little helicopter.
Let us not forget Dragon on Christmas! The kids were so excited to give this to him and laughed hysterically when he ran laps around the house finding the perfect spot to bury it.

Christmas Eve


Is is cold enough? Poor Adonyah was frozen by the end of the night!
Warming up by the camp fire!
The camel enjoyed the attention just as much as the kids!
Smile for the camera
Waiting for the birth of BABY JESUS!


Isaiah, waiting for baby Jesus to be born .... up and personal with the cattle!
The wise men have arrived and are telling us their story.
The Shepherds and and the angels praise Jesus.
Joseph, Mary, and Baby JESUS!!

Sequoyah's Christmas Program

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I just want you to see who is really in charge of this BLOG ... isn't he AMAZING!!!

Having Fun

We went to a live nativity that included the entire city of Bethlehem. Isaiah got his chance to say hi to the camel.
Sequoyah giving Adonyah an after program Christmas hug.
Sequoyah in her preschool Christmas program. She sang all of the songs and even managed to twirl her dress in the middle of it. Great job Koya!