Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little Boy Advice

 Josiah is giving Tobiah a pep talk and letting him know everything will be ok.
 Tobiah keeping his head held high and ready to crawl...almost.

Back in Virginia

We are back in Virginia once again...although we have been back for 8 months. It only takes us that long because of the busy life. Hopefully we can figure out how to post things on here once again. A couple new updates:
1) We added another addition to our family this past Fall. Tobiah was born on November 8, 2012. That is number 6 for us. We did have to sell the minivan and buy a bigger vehicle.
2) Sequoyah did a great job in gymnastics this year. This was her first year competing. We just finished the state tournament. She took 4th place on bars, 6th place on vault and beam and overal took 8th place. Way to go Sequoyah!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sort of Warm

I guess you could say we are "sort of warm" down here. Yesterday we had a record heat day. With the humidity the heat index was 108. All life ceases to exist in the afternoon. Once the evening rolls around, people start emerging from their houses like ants. (Very slow ants). The kids are all doing well. They loved their year at school here. We can't believe it has almost been a year. Time is flying. Eric is enjoying his job...especially the hours. Can't beat 8-5 M-F. Nice to have a dad. Josiah turned 4 months on the 9th. He is such a cute and happy little guy. His sisters and his brother love him to pieces. I'll try to get some pictures on here soon. We hope everyone is doing well.
--The Sorensen's

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our new little boy Josiah. He was born February 9, 2011.


Well everyone....the Sorensen clan still breathes and moves. We are still down in good ol' Florida. We are not sure what happened to Spring but we are in Summer. It seemed to go from the 20's to the 80's. Not that we are complaining...well except for the bugs. They have these awful little bugs here call "No-see-ums" that will tear you up like a dead duck in a pirhanna infested river. We know this from first hand experience. Chemical warfare does not even work on them. They have hazmat suits and a determination to bite at all costs. Unless you are moving in the speed upwards of 10 mph they will get you. Anyway...we hope you enjoy some of the new pictures that we are posting.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Long Time

I want to apologize to everyone out there that views our blog. We have not posted any information for a long time. To catch everyone up on events: On October 18 I was talking to my dad about my mom. He said she was not doing very well (she had back surgery 7 weeks earlier and was back and forth between rehab and the hospital). On Monday 10/18 evening Tennille and I decided that we needed to all go out to Utah. We didn't fly...we drove. We packed our belongings in about 4 hours and headed to Utah on the morning of 10/19 at 2AM. We drove for about 3 hours and were exhausted so we stopped somewhere in Alabama off the side of the road for a 1 hour nap. We then resumed our journey. We drove again until just before Kansas City and had to pull over again for 2 hours. We had more energy then and continued to switch drivers (Tennille and myself) until we were in Nebraska. We found a corn field and pulled off. We were between the field and a tractor (this provided shelter form the headlights). We stayed in place for 2 more hours in that field, with a full moon shining down on us. We woke up and finished the last sprint to Utah. We arrived in Salt Lake City Wednesday (10/20) evening about 5:30PM. We saw my brother, sister and my dad. We talked for a moment and then went to see my mom in the ICU. She was on a ventilator and was being supported with two medications to keep her blood pressure up. She was also very full of fluid...21 liters in the positive. (That is 10 1/2 soda bottles of extra fluid). She was placed on dialysis due to kidney failure. She was dialyzed for that night and Thursday night. On Friday morning she had not improved other than some fluid being removed. We had met as a family and decided that we did not think mom would want to continue like this. We had tried everything and she still was not improving. Friday night we had the medicines removed and the ventilator turned off. She was given some medicine to help her relax and also to prevent air hunger. She passed away quickly and peacefully about 8:15PM on Friday 10/22. We had her funeral on 10/28. We began our drive home on 10/29 at 3PM. We arrived back in Florida on 11/1 at 1AM. Tennille has posted some of the pictures from our journey. We miss you Mom and we love you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cotton Pickin'

This is somewhere south of St. Louis during a break. The kids and Tennille wanted to pick some cotton.
Cotton blossom.

Bowling with some cousins.
The girls bowled too and loved it!


Sequoyah showing off her skills and her muscles.
Grandma and Grandpa Powell along with Tennille's sisters and some cousins.
The Patriarch's.
Isaiah and Grandpa Powell with his Silver Beaver award. This is a Scouting award that was given to him last year.

In my dad's front yard the morning after we received 5 inches of snow.


fun with cousins