Friday, October 31, 2008

Princess in the makings

When Sequoyah and Isaiah leave for school, Adonyah will walk the house calling their name. Just the other day went to the closet and asked for 'may-put'...because she know Koya was at school. Talk about princess heaven...she didn't know what to do with no one taking the make-up away or telling her no! She decked herself out BIG TIME...and then came into the other room and said, PREEY! (pretty!) She learns by example quicker then I would like. What a fun time we are having, just the two of us...for now!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Isaiah's day with GULLIVER

This is GULLIVER....Isaiah's class mascot. Every child gets to take Gulliver home for an evening of fun and adventure! He comes with a black bag to keep him clean, pj's for bed time, a tooth brush, and a blanket! It was so fun to see how much Isaiah took such care of him....and the adventures he had. Most important, Gulliver had a journal that we had to record about our day...Isaiah did it all by himself!

First we went on a little adventurous walk when they got off of the buss and found mushrooms. Then he was introduced to Dragon...and he did approve of Gilliver, as a chewing toy!

Next was the most important event...the daily ride on the motorcycle! And last, the ride around the yard with Isaiah on his bike. We sure had a fun day with our friend Gulliver!

black walnuts...ANYONE?

We had 3 garbage cans full of black walnuts that we gave away this year! The kids also had a grand time cracking them with the hammer and eating the nuts....great entertainment.

Here is a our hermit crab 'rainbow'. He was actually named 'eagle' because of the cool shell he had, and then he grew out of it.

Happy Halloween! (Fun idea with popcorn, candy corn, & glove.)

Monday, October 27, 2008