Thursday, October 30, 2008

Isaiah's day with GULLIVER

This is GULLIVER....Isaiah's class mascot. Every child gets to take Gulliver home for an evening of fun and adventure! He comes with a black bag to keep him clean, pj's for bed time, a tooth brush, and a blanket! It was so fun to see how much Isaiah took such care of him....and the adventures he had. Most important, Gulliver had a journal that we had to record about our day...Isaiah did it all by himself!

First we went on a little adventurous walk when they got off of the buss and found mushrooms. Then he was introduced to Dragon...and he did approve of Gilliver, as a chewing toy!

Next was the most important event...the daily ride on the motorcycle! And last, the ride around the yard with Isaiah on his bike. We sure had a fun day with our friend Gulliver!

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Marci said...

What a mature kid you are Isaiah! We miss you!