Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Reunion with the Powell's

Family Photos

Sweet Sequoyah and Mom
Adonyah and Daddy-o
Giddy-up cowgirl!

Isaiah and Mom

WOW...6 years have gone by so FAST!!! Here is my sweet birthday boy .. ISAIAH !!!
OK....I did it!!! Yes, this is finally Tennille getting on HER blog. Eric is such a great hubby that wants me to be connected in life with all you amazing people. He crated this blog a long time ago, and now I am finally on here. I am not quite sure how it works, (as you can see I just posted a lot of pictures with out any description) BUT...I am working on it! Thanks to Eric and all of you who keep in touch!

Fun at the park

Isaiah's first day of school

You can't take the duck out of a duck dog!!

Well we were eating dinner yesterday and Tennille looked out the window and did a little scream. I looked out and Dragon (our 9 month old chocolate lab) was carrying one of the ducks in his mouth and running around the corner of the house. I ran outside and called his name. He dropped the duck...which did manage to run back with the rest of the flock, and had a look on his face like....oh no...BUSTED! The ducks are all ok and thriving. Despite Dragon's attempts at a quick meal, he does a good job at keeping the ducks safe from OTHER predators.