Tuesday, October 14, 2008

under the stars

It has been such beautiful weather that we put our tent out in the front yard to have a family sleep over in! It was so much fun, but a little tiring for the next day.
One of our favorite treats to make...pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips!
Another one of our favorites....just a little softer on the caramel next time!


Leslie said...

I love sleeping out in a tent with the fam. And the best part is when it is in the yard and you can run in to use to toilet!!! (well that is how Bryn and I feel, the boys would say otherwise.)

Sarie said...

Finally you have joined the blogging community. I have learned so much from other moms who have great ideas, so I love it. Tenille! How have you been!?? It's been forever, we need to catch up. My email is smyliejean at yahoo.com. I love getting back in touch with you! Your little Sequoyah looks so much like you!

Marci said...

looks fun!

Melinda said...

We made the pumpkin cookies tonight and carmel apples on Monday night :) I love FALL!