Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Ducklings

Sequoyah is great at letting everyone having a chance to hold the ducks. I was busy and just put the duck on my lap as I was working on something and she was not satisfied! The ducklings were cold, and she wanted ME to warm them up. Yes, I have two inside my shirt.


Tawns said...

Tennille, How are you??? It was so fun to find your blog. I connected through Melinda's. Your family is beautiful and your kids are so big. I bet you are so busy. Where are you? Life is great for me and busy with just one. I love being a mom. Take care! Tawns

Melinda said...

I haven't been blogging in a while...I need to check yours more often!!! I love all the new pictures!! Love ya!

Debbi said...

Really - ducks in your shirt? Just yesterday someone on seasame street was singing about penquins in their shirt.

I cannt believe how big your kids are! All these birthdays - please stop, they make me feel old, I remember when they were soo little!

I also have to say thanks for your comment about the beds, I felt so much better knowing someone else had 3 kids a room. My Vters both have 6 and 7 kids and did the same thing, but they are grandmas and it seems like all my friends my age think I'm looney. You totally made my day!