Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little swimmers

Yes, all three of our kids have become attached to COWBOY BOOTS!! Adonyah just picks a pair and puts them on ... no matter what she is doing, including swimming!

What a great DAD!!! We have been enjoying our summer days 80ish, and cool evenings with the windows open! I do have to say, Eric filled most of the pool up with HOT water from the washer before he joined the girls. FUN FALL DAYS


Marci said...

That reminds me a little bit of someone else that we know!!!

aa said...

The little girl is looking so cute in swimming costume and cowboy boots.
She is so sweet and happy in the pictures. I hope that she enjoyed that swimming a lot….
Nice pictures!


Eric said...

In my defense...the previous water was straight from the hose...from the well...250+ feet below ground. I had to do something. The girls wouldn't even get in it until it warmed up. =)

Melinda said...

Like mother like daughter :)