Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Times!

Isaiah is doing the parallel bars here. He enjoys these and finds many different things to do on them.
AIRBORNE! Sequoyah got a running start and hit the trampoline full speed. The instructors didn't expect anyone to get much air because most of the class cannot hit the trampoline with two feet at the same time. Sequoyah managed to get about 3-4 feet in the air and then she landed on her knees and hands. She loved it!
Parallel bars for Sequoyah! Way to go Koya!
Ready for church!
We are unloading a round hay bale for our horse. We had to roll it over the fence because it was too wide for the gate. These things weigh about 600 lbs. We did not think ahead about how we were going to stop it. Once we got it over the fence it just kept on rolling until it hit the other side of the fence. It broke a support and some of the fence but that was easily fixed. The man with the crowbar is Eddie Cleveland. He is a great guy and helps us out a lot with many projects.

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Marci said...

We miss you guys so much!!!!!! Awesome gymnastics!