Friday, February 27, 2009

They love being together!
Did you know that Snow White wore cowboy boots? Me neither!
This is Isaiah's favorite thing to do...the pommelhorse. He loves swinging on it. At home he does this on our counter tops.


Covington Sensation's said...

Your girls look just like you! They are beautiful! You seem so happy. It's beautiful in Virginia isn't it?

KaufusiFamily said...

The girls look they are going to be GREAT friends. I love that Isaiah is into gymnastics. Thanks for sportin' the "UTES" back in VA!

Leslie said...

OH- that is so cute. I think boots go perfect with the dress! Can't wait to "see" number 4, by the way do you have a name yet? I am sure she will be beautiful just like the other three! Good luck with everything getting her here.