Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Days

Well we have entered into August with some hot weather. It's not really the heat but the humidity. I can't complain with where others live where its like living in a shower all day long. We have stayed in the house today in order to preserve our sanity and keep our hydration status up. We just do the chores around the house and yard first thing when we get up.

We recently had a fight with a bacteria known as Shigella. This little thing can wreak havoc in a matter of days. Just a few germs can wipe out a family for a week or longer. Tennille, Isaiah, Sequoyah and Adonyah all encountered this creature at the same time. Lets just say that hydration status was a concern. Nakiyah and I did not get it...luckily. The pediatrician was worried that Nakiyah would get it and told us to keep them informed. This is a bug that the Health Department likes to check up on. So we get calls occassionally from them seeing if they can pinpoint where it is coming from. Lots of laundry and house cleaning. I think if we move into a house that we choose to build...I am strongly going to recommend rhino lining it. That way we can set off a bleach bomb and then just rinse the place down.

We had three baby chickens hatch last week. They are cute and different colors. Each of the kids has claimed one of them as their own. This way they only hold their own chicken and they can name it whatever they want. Isaiah named his Arrowhead because it has a red spot on its head shaped like an arrowhead. Sequoyah and Adonyah change their chickens' name daily....when a permanent one come....I will inform everyone. We also acquired another duck...it is a different kind of duck that is twice as big as the others. When we first introduced it to the other ducks it tried to establish dominance. Let me say to all the other ducks out there that free roaming Indian Runner ducks are not to be messed with! The new duck tried to dominate one of the older females and she put the newbie is its place. After that, the rest of the flock ostracized the new duck for a day or so. Now everything seems to be just fine. I think the Runner ducks are ok with the new one because he/she is slower than they are. That means first pickins for the fox. (We did lose 5 ducks last week to a fox). Not to worry...I have been out several nights with my shotgun and fox calls....he has not been back since.

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