Monday, December 15, 2008


Sorry about being slackers on our own blog! I just finished up the semester and what a chore that was. A few papers and two presentations we are. We have had an eventful 2 or 3 weeks since we last were on here. Tennille made it back home alright. We picked her up in DC last Saturday (9 days ago) and spent the night there. We went to the monuments on Sunday and then to the temple for the evening. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and then we got to see the lights. They were beautiful. My mom then went back home on Monday. She was here for a week helping out while Tennille was out West. While she was here we al managed to get sick...except for Sequoyah and Adonyah. Even Tennille caught it when she came home. I would like to know what those girls are up to that makes them immune when then rest of us suffer. We were extremely glad to get T back. The kids had enough of just their dad! The funeral for Grandma Wilkes went good as a funeral can go I guess. T said it was sad but good also. We will miss grandma very much.
Dragon managed to chew on another duck about a week ago. We caught him in time and we managed to save the duck. She basically had all of her feathers plucked from her neck and some skin was missing. Isaiah and Sequoyah held her while I bandaged her neck. She is doing great now and is with the rest of the flock. She keeps her head tucked in to keep her neck warm when the wind blows. I'll keep this posting somewhat short so as to save some adventure for later.

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